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6-01-2015 15-02-08

Double bed (mattress 140 cm x 190 cm)
Wide desk (60 cm x 190 cm)
Choice of light Oak veneer natural or painted Oak veneer/mdf.
Height:             172 cm
Width:              207 cm
Depth as bed:    153 cm
Depth as desk:   111 cm


The Double StudyBed offers a full size double bed (190cm x 138cm, 6’ 3” x 4ft 6″ ) plus a large work area (190 x 60 cm). yet occupies a very compact footprint whilst in desk form. The top rail also provides a very useful wide and deep (43cm) shelf surface. There is a huge amount of room to attach pin-boards, pictures, posters, video screens etc. to both the desk and bed backs.

As with all StudyBeds it is very light in operation and can be converted easily in seconds by just about anyone. It allows items up to 48 cm to remain on the desk when converted. A Top Box (48cm high) can be added to optimise space, likewise a mobile Under-desk cabinet.


We can also arrange a mattress, if desired. Thickness between 15 and 20 cm is ideal.

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