< Voga Lift Bed Remmerie's creative solutions

Material: steel
Finish: wood
Manipulation: with the push of a button, your bed emerges from the ceiling.
Sizes: for mattresses with width of 160 (also 140 and 180 cm.)
Color: white

Ceiling Hight: between 240 and 280 cm.

The Voga liftbed (see film) is designed for small spaces and apartments (studio, one-bedroom flats, cabins), where there is little space. When the bed is lifted under the celling it enables the maximum function of small spaces. The Voga liftbed allows in a few square meters of space an arranged multi-functional space (living room + dining room + bedroom + office or. home office). With a press of a button the electric mechanism raises the bed to the ceiling, in extreme positions electromagnetic switches protect the moving of the lift bed and thereby ensure maximum safety of the product. The greatest advantage of the lift bed is the fact that the furniture below the lift bed does not need to be moved. When the bed is lifted all the way up to the ceiling it enables more space, which is always welcomed in small apartments. The Voga liftbed is in short, an indispensable part of modern furniture for small housing units. The Voga liftbed is suitable for children’s rooms, smaller rooms which are occasionally used as guest rooms.

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